What is an “Assault Style Rifle”? A Sarcastic Guide to Gun Control in Canada

The assault rifle is a military weapon intended for use by soldiers. Assault rifles are defined as any firearm that has all three of the following characteristics: (1) a large capacity magazine, (2) it fires an intermediate power cartridge, and (3) it is capable of fully automatic fire. This definition is the accepted definition. See the list of references at the bottom of the article
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Pumpjacks on the Prairie

As a criminal lawyer who practices across Alberta and spends a lot of time driving to court, I've acquired a sizeable collection of photos of pumpjacks and other installations. I find there is beauty in the big sky and the starkness of the landscape. With war in Europe and the energy economy getting more and more disrupted all the time, these simple tanks and the associated infrastructure are getting more important all the time. Having a secure supply of energy is of immense benefit to Canada.
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A Hot Win

My client had been charged with uttering threats and an assault in domestic violence allegations. I negotiated the withdrawal of all charges, and my client entered into a peace bond instead.
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